Bucksport EIR

Although I’ve only been at Bucksport Middle School for eight weeks,  the teachers and students have been so welcoming and opened their classrooms to me, it feels like I’ve been there all year. I’ve experienced nothing but positive vibes as I’ve gotten to know all of their wonderful faces.

During my eight weeks at Bucksport, I have been able to: provide weekly TLS programming to seventh and eighth grade classrooms, use my math background to work one on one with students, tell all of the riddles I keep in my back pocket, provide a parent information night for seventh grade parents, plan a “Kieve Day” for the eighth grade, and form amazing bonds with the students.

Bucksport Pipeline
Bucksport students participate in pipeline activity

My favorite part of this experience is getting to know the students. Most of my days are spent simply talking with students and being a positive role model.

In recent months, the town of Bucksport has suffered the closing of its mill, leaving many families suddenly jobless. This has effected both the school and so many of the students that I have come to know. I only hope that my presence can add some positivity to their day, if only in a small way.


In closing, I can’t believe this time has flown by so fast! I’m so thankful to Bucksport for having me and can’t wait to wrap up these next three weeks and get the seventh grade to The Leadership School in April.

Mims Montgomery, Bucksport EIR
Mims Montgomery, Bucksport EIR