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Kieve Wavus News Spring 2020 Vol. 94 No. 1

Kieve Wavus Education Pitches in to help Lincoln County Food Initiative This March, as the Coronavirus pandemic made its effects felt in Maine, Kieve Wavus Education suspended all programming through the month of May. This spring has been hard for all of us, for so many reasons. At KWE, the sudden quiet on our campuses was unsettling. Not known for

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KWE at Home: Card Prediction

Explain that each person should predict in turn what the next card in the deck is not. (“The next card is not an ___”) If they are correct (they do not name the card that’s flipped), then the game continues. If they do name the card (value) that is flipped, the round ends.

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KWE at Home: Kim’s Game Variation

Plan: If playing virtually, grab 12-20 objects from your junk drawer and take a photo of them or find an image or someone else’s using a google search. If playing at home, grab objects and a bandanna or scarf. Do: Show the image (or collection) of objects to the group. For younger students, ask them a few questions about the array

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KWE at Home: Find a New Spot (aka Stand Up and Dance If…)

This activity is best completed in person but can also be done through video conferencing. It provides a movement break while also promoting connections. You could complete it asynchronously by providing participants with a survey and creating a grid of the results, which would allow for a feeling of connection and to learn commonalities without the requirement to all be

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KWE at Home: Simply Paper

We can all be given the same instructions but complete a task differently. If our product is different from others, it can create conflict or conclusion. During this activity, participants explore how different interpretations encourage diversity.  On your own, follow the written instructions below to create a paper snowflake. Compare your snowflake to the snowflakes made by others following the

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KWE at Home: Xerox Goes Virtual

Communication skills help build and maintain healthy relationships. For this activity, we take a classic activity, Xerox (also known as back to back), and make it accessible remotely. Challenge a partner across the room or across the world to recreate an image you have drawn based entirely on your oral or written description. Plan: What do you think you might

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Winter 2020 EIR Conclusion

Our Educator in Residence (EIR) program has blossomed since the first seven educators were planted in six schools for eight weeks in 2013. Almost all of our seasonal Leadership School educators embedded themselves in partner schools and community organizations for 10 or more weeks this winter. Four will be continuing on for an additional time this Spring. While the EIR

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Friendship, Prescott, Union, Loranger, and St. George EIRs 2020

Friendship, Prescott, and Union’s Educator in Residence: Julia Ask any new EIR about their first week and you will hear a similar description: a whirlwind, filled with the excitement of the unknown, and undoubtedly tinted with a sense of nervousness about shaping a meaningful 10-week program. My first week can be characterized in much of the same way, although with

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Bristol and Lincoln Academy EIRs 2020

Bristol Consolidated School’s EIR: Rachel Z. When I started the New Year at Bristol Consolidated School, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was first introduced to the BCS middle school community at the end of October when I took the middle school students on a hike in Camden Hills. We had a wonderful day chatting and getting to

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Vassalboro, Wood Hill, and Richmond EIRs 2020

Vassalboro’s Educator in Residence: Jack At Vassalboro Community School, Ms. Smith’s fourth grade class is learning about fractions and percentages.  So in the spirit of “practicing what I preach,” here is a little math about my time as an Educator in Residence at VCS. The program is 10 weeks long.  10 weeks is 70 days, but take away 2 days

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