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KWE at Home: Xerox Goes Virtual

Communication skills help build and maintain healthy relationships. For this activity, we take a classic activity, Xerox (also known as back to back), and make it accessible remotely. Challenge a partner across the room or across the world to recreate an image you have drawn based entirely on your oral or written description. Plan: What do you think you might

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Winter 2020 EIR Conclusion

Our Educator in Residence (EIR) program has blossomed since the first seven educators were planted in six schools for eight weeks in 2013. Almost all of our seasonal Leadership School educators embedded themselves in partner schools and community organizations for 10 or more weeks this winter. Four will be continuing on for an additional time this Spring. While the EIR

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Friendship, Prescott, Union, Loranger, and St. George EIRs 2020

Friendship, Prescott, and Union’s Educator in Residence: Julia Ask any new EIR about their first week and you will hear a similar description: a whirlwind, filled with the excitement of the unknown, and undoubtedly tinted with a sense of nervousness about shaping a meaningful 10-week program. My first week can be characterized in much of the same way, although with

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Bristol and Lincoln Academy EIRs 2020

Bristol Consolidated School’s EIR: Rachel Z. When I started the New Year at Bristol Consolidated School, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was first introduced to the BCS middle school community at the end of October when I took the middle school students on a hike in Camden Hills. We had a wonderful day chatting and getting to

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Vassalboro, Wood Hill, and Richmond EIRs 2020

Vassalboro’s Educator in Residence: Jack At Vassalboro Community School, Ms. Smith’s fourth grade class is learning about fractions and percentages.  So in the spirit of “practicing what I preach,” here is a little math about my time as an Educator in Residence at VCS. The program is 10 weeks long.  10 weeks is 70 days, but take away 2 days

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OUT Maine and Sweetser EIRs 2020

OUT Maine’s Educator in Residence: Claire This winter I’ve had the privilege of working with OUT Maine, a non-profit LGBTQ organization based in Rockland. OUT Maine focuses primarily on youth development and programming, with a special attention to rural youth who typically have a harder time accessing resources and community. I was lucky enough that my EIR start date coincided

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Jefferson and Nobleboro EIRs 2020

Jefferson Village School’s Educator in Residence: Lexi JVS has been extremely welcoming to me in my first year as an EIR. Finding myself wandering the halls of a K-8 school has been an exciting experience with some of the new social emotional curriculum at my disposal. I first found my footing making relationships in the cafeteria, sitting with each table

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Alumni Feature: Meet Cameron Miller and Kayleigh MacFarlane

Cam and Kayleigh met on the shores of Damariscotta Lake. Nine years later, they are living along those same shorelines at Southover. Cam grew up in Orem, Utah and attended Snow College. He learned about KWE through his sister who was also a TLS member in 2010.  Kayleigh grew up in Duxbury, Massachusetts and attended Elmira College earning a B.S. in Biology-Chemistry

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Whitefield, Boothbay, and Appleton EIRs 2020

Whitefield’s Educator in Residence: Isaac This winter is my second as a Leadership School EIR, and my first at Whitefield Elementary School. Last winter, I worked at Searsport Middle and High School, which was much larger. I’m really excited to be at a small K-8 school this winter. One of Whitefield’s defining features is its use of restorative practices. Once

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Woodland and South Bristol EIRs 2020

South Bristol’s Educator in Residence: Cam  With my second year at South Bristol School beginning I feel at home. Every student I interact with there is a connection. I greet every student by name, and I look forward to working with every class every day. The staff at South Bristol School bring the energy of support and engagement with students

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