What Feeds Your Fire?

It was two degrees this morning.  As I filled the wood stove, I thought about how kind the mild winter had been to the woodpile.  In early January, we are barely ¼ of the way through the year’s stash of firewood and that gives me a sense of security and safety.  There will be something left when we get a “surprise” April Nor’easter.  Yet it feels good to load the stove this morning, and to let it burn hot for a while.   It takes the chill out of the air but it also increases the pace – of my morning chores, my morning thoughts.  The chill and the fierce fire that chases it away take the malaise out of the grey, winter morning and remind me to keep fanning the fires that keep me passionately engaged in my life and my work.

My fire is fed by my family, trying something new, hearing new ideas, being outdoors, working hard with my body and my mind, challenging stasis.  It is also fed by helping others recognize the sparks and dim flames in themselves and supporting them as they nurture those flames to slowly grow a fierce, hot fire that motivates and empowers the positive potential within. . . So I ask you, what feeds your fire?

This winter, in the quiet months when veterans Veterans Camp join us for play, reflection, and rejuvenation, and other Kieve Wavus programs prepare for the seasons ahead, we are feeding the fire at Kieve Wavus with big gnarly logs.  Winter is the time to take stock, question our assumptions, improve our programs and reach out to the wider world to ask what else it needs from us.  We are nurturing our sparks and building a fire that will produce a hot bed of coals to provide a base for the work ahead.   We look forward to sharing the warmth of our fire with you in the chilly winter months ahead!


















by Lisa Steele-Maley

Photo credit: Island Swim by Charles J. Richardson