Kieve Wavus Education employs people who instinctively care for others.

KWE strives to build and uphold an inclusive community in which everyone feels safe and valued with kindness and respect.

In all that they do, KWE staff seek not only to support but also to live the mission of the organization: to empower people to contribute positively to society.

Henry R. Kennedy

Executive Director

Charlie Richardson

Director of Education and Operations

Ed Ross

Business Manager

Sam Kennedy

Director, Camp Kieve for Boys

Kirstie A. Truluck

Director, Wavus Camp for Girls

Jess Anderson

Director, The Leadership School
KWE Health Care Manager

Reid Anderson

Director of Logistics and Risk Management

Joy Bengtson Giffen

Executive Assistant

Gail Berry

Food Services

James Burk

Facilities - Wavus

Liz Curtis

Development Associate

Walter Dickerson

Director of Facilities - Kieve

Lee Giberson

Director of Food Services

Winnie Giberson

Food Services

Marge Greenleaf

Admin Assistant - Wavus
Veterans Camp Coordinator

Anna Hatch

Food Services

Scott Henry

Director of Facilities - Wavus

Joe Hilton

Captain, Snowgoose III

Diane Impallomeni

Director, KLC Food Services and Hospitality

Ellen Kenefick

Food Services

Meghan Kennedy

First Mate, Snowgoose III

Robert McDaniel

Facilities - Kieve

Sam Mengual

Full Time Educator
KW Leads

Cam Miller

Full Time Educator
Challenge Course Manager

Summer Morton

Office Manager

Dave Munger

Full Time Educator
KW Leads

Alexa Oliver

Food Services

Kate Phenix

Executive Assistant

Colleen Poland

Food Services

Katrina Smith

Admin Assistant - Kieve

Corinna Storer

Food Services


R. Dixon Thayer, President
Pamela K. Jensen, Vice-President
John W. Geismar, Secretary
James D. Brown, Treasurer
W. Morgan Churchman III
Lynley W. Ciorobea
Laura A. Kaplan
William A. Knowlton
Louise W. McIlhenny
Matthew J. McKenna
Clifford E. Muller

Kathryn H. Redmond
Mark K. J. Robinson
J. Harrison Stuart
Robert W. Bower, Jr., Emeritus
Alexander K. Buck, Jr., Emeritus
John E. Burns, Emeritus
Thomas W. Haas, Emeritus
Donald A. Keyser, Emeritus
Oliver A. Parker, Emeritus
Susan R. Russell, Emeritus
Michael N. Westcott, Emeritus


Kieve Wavus Education always loves meeting caring, energetic and motivated people who strive to empower others by promoting values of kindness and respect.  KWE is committed to the health, well-being, and personal growth not only of our participants but also of our staff.  KWE is an equal opportunity employer.  If you are interested in becoming a part of this amazing team, please be in touch!

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