Kieve Wavus Education employs people who instinctively care for others. 
Our team strives to create a community where everyone feels a true sense of belonging, empowering every participant to contribute positively to society by promoting the values of kindness, respect, and environmental stewardship. Working at KWE means being on a team that proactively supports each other and that genuinely cares about advancing our mission.

Sam Kennedy

President &
Chief Executive Officer

Sam Kaplan

Executive Director &
Chief Operating Officer

Chris Renyi

Business Director &
Chief Financial Officer

Erin Gilligan

Communications Director &
Chief Advancement Officer

Kate Kaplan

Wavus Director

Joy Bengtson Giffen

Wavus Registrar & Coordinator

Caddy Brooks

Kieve Associate Director

Nadine Hallisy

Kieve Registrar & Coordinator
Healthcare & Risk Coordinator

Sarah Kennedy

Healthcare & Risk Director

Paige Brooks

Associate Healthcare & Risk Director

Sara Hopkins

Associate Healthcare & Risk Director

Will Bliss

Operations Coordinator

Garrett Phillips

TLS Director

Hannah Lovejoy

Associate TLS Director
Wilderness Tripping Coordinator

Kate Vita

Associate TLS Director

Sam Pierce

Environmental Stewardship Coordinator

Cam Miller

Challenge Course Director
Lead Facilitator

Marge Greenleaf

Events & Hospitality Director

BJ Kennedy

Hospitality Associate

Joe Hilton

Snowgoose III Captain
Lead Maintenance Staff

Summer Morton

Associate Business & Human Resources Director

Elyse Catalina

Associate Advancement &
Communications Director

Mims Montgomery

Associate Advancement & Communications Director

Annie Richardson

Camp Stores Coordinator

Scott Henry

Maintenance Director

James Burk

Associate Maintenance Director

Jay Dowling

Lead Maintenance Staff

Tim Dostie

Lead Maintenance Staff

Jack Bickmore

Maintenance Staff

Damon Ellinwood

Maintenance Staff

Katie Merrill

Lead Cleaning Staff

Kadie Hisler

Cleaning Staff

Mike Flynn

Food Services Director

Lee Giberson

Associate Food Services Director

Megan Boyington

Lead Food Services Staff

Ellen Harrington

Lead Food Services Staff

Vicki Dill

Food Services Staff

Siara Harrington

Food Services Staff


Kathryn H. Redmond, Chair
Christopher T. Dougherty, Vice Chair
Matthew J. McKenna, Treasurer
James Blue, Secretary
Reid M. Bolton
Gretchen R. Brinkler
Masi Ngidi-Brown
W. Morgan Churchman
Lynley W. Ciorobea
John W. Geismar
Pamela K. Jensen
William A. Knowlton
Clifford E. Muller 

Aubree K. Murray
Gabriela Pérez Rocchietti
Libby Schroeder
J. Harrison Stuart
Mistye Wilson
Robert W. Bower, Jr., Emeritus
Alexander K. Buck, Jr., Emeritus
John E. Burns, Emeritus
Thomas W. Haas, Emeritus
Donald A. Keyser, Emeritus
Oliver A. Parker, Emeritus
Susan R. Russell, Emeritus
R. Dixon Thayer, Emeritus 


The Alumni Council promotes Kieve Wavus Education and all of its programming in a number of ways: by networking and referring KWE alumni in search of job opportunities, by supporting fundraising efforts to further KWE’s mission, and by spreading the word about KWE programs to future generations.


Kieve Wavus Education is an equal opportunity employer committed to the health, well-being, and personal growth of our employees. If you are interested in joining our team, please apply now!

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