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Woodland and South Bristol EIRs 2020

South Bristol’s Educator in Residence: Cam  With my second year at South Bristol School beginning I feel at home. Every student I interact with there is a connection. I greet every student by name, and I look forward to working with every class every day. The staff at South Bristol School bring the energy of support and engagement with students

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DMS and Hope EIRs 2020

Damariscotta Montessori School’s Educator in Residence: Ross The beginning of my second year of the Educator in Residence program (EIR) has, though been a little hectic, also proven to be a fantastic beginning to what I hope will be a fun ten weeks! I work the program at a school called Damariscotta Montessori School, located in Damariscotta, Maine. Even before

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Educator in Residence 2020

When it began in 2013, the Educator in Residence (EIR) program placed seven educators in schools with the goals of working deeper with local communities, retaining quality staff through the winter months, and broadening the impact of KWE programming. In collaboration with the school, an individualized Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was developed for each educator based upon the needs of

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Kieve Wavus News Fall 2019 Vol. 94 No. 1

Kieve Wavus Education / A Non-Profit Organization LINDY PERRY: CAMP MOM AT THE BEGINNING OF CAMP I LIKE TO REMIND THE girls that we are a family here at Wavus. I have had the pleasure of watching most of these girls grow up from a young age. This summer I got a little teary because my first cabin as a

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A Conversation with Cullen W. LaPointe

Science Camp 2004; Kieve Girls 2005; Wavus 2006-2010; KW West 2011; Wavus Council 2013-14; St. Lawrence University B.S. Geology 2016; University of Georgia M.S. Geology 2018 Cullen grew up in Deerfield, Massachusetts and spent childhood summers at her grand parents home in York, Maine.  She heard about Kieve and Wavus through her cousin who was a camper at Kieve Camp

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August 5, 2019 Final Monday

This past weekend we said farewell until next year to our Junior Wavus campers. I found myself feeling very nostalgic because my own daughters started as junior campers, and I recall the pleasure of them hurtling towards me and squeezing me on pick up day before they scampered off to find their cabin mates and friends. Each time I speak

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July 8, 2019 Third Monday

In Wilderness is the Preservation of the World — Henry David Thoreau As we head into our final week of camp, I hear the girls saying, “Can you believe it’s almost over?! It feels like we just got here.” This is true for the seven-year campers who cry every summer when they leave us and for the first year campers

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July 1, 2019 Second Monday

There is a magic at camp that takes time to settle into the heart. A camper’s transition from the familiarity of home and family to the boisterous cabin life of a dozen or so ‘sisters’ — with the hugs and the bickering — can be unnerving for some girls. Often after a few letters to parents sharing angst or sadness,

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June 24, 2019 First Monday

Wavus girls are a gift, and I thank you for sharing your daughters with us. This beautiful week has been full of sun, rain, dance parties, transition, challenge, and delight. Our oldest girls have headed out of camp and into the woods and waters of Maine to experience our longest trips and to discover reservoirs of strength, love and resilience

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Winter 2019 EIR Conclusion

Our Educator in Residence (EIRs) program has blossomed since the first seven educators were planted in six schools for eight weeks in 2013. More than two-thirds of our seasonal Leadership School educators embedded themselves in partner schools for 10 or more weeks this winter. Whether instructing formal academic contents or exploring with students in the fields and forests, our educators

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