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Month: April 2020

KWE at Home: Kim’s Game Variation

Plan: If playing virtually, grab 12-20 objects from your junk drawer and take a photo of them or find an image or someone else’s using a google search. If playing at home, grab objects and a bandanna or scarf. Do: Show the image (or collection) of objects to the group. For younger students, ask them a few questions about the array

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KWE at Home: Find a New Spot (aka Stand Up and Dance If…)

This activity is best completed in person but can also be done through video conferencing. It provides a movement break while also promoting connections. You could complete it asynchronously by providing participants with a survey and creating a grid of the results, which would allow for a feeling of connection and to learn commonalities without the requirement to all be

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KWE at Home: Simply Paper

We can all be given the same instructions but complete a task differently. If our product is different from others, it can create conflict or conclusion. During this activity, participants explore how different interpretations encourage diversity.  On your own, follow the written instructions below to create a paper snowflake. Compare your snowflake to the snowflakes made by others following the

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