Founded in 1926, Kieve is a boys’ summer camp on Damariscotta Lake in Nobleboro, Maine. Kieve is a Celtic verb meaning to strive in emulation of – to work hard to acquire skills, knowledge, and attitudes from others so as to improve yourself – and the program is built on this foundation, providing a staff full of tremendous role models worthy of emulation.

Campers ranging from 8-17 years old experience a wide variety of in-camp activities and a set of increasingly longer and more challenging wilderness trips as they get older.

Kieve runs two 26-day sessions and two 10-day Junior Kieve sessions for boys in grades 2-4.

First Session: June 18 – July 13, 2024

Second Session: July 16 – August 10, 2024

Tuition: $8,000 

Junior I: June 27 – July 6, 2024

Junior II: July 25 – August 3, 2024

Tuition: $4,200 


From the time we raise the flag before breakfast in the morning, the day is packed with excitement and energy. In the mornings, campers experience activities assigned by cabin in order to encourage them to try new things, and then everyone goes for a swim in the lake and has some free time before lunch. 

After lunch and a rest hour, campers choose their own activities and might spend time with friends from other cabins.  Then, everyone takes one more dip in the lake and enjoys a bit of free time before dinner. We cap off the day with a whole camp evening activity before lowering the flag in the evening.




First Session: June 24 – July 19
Junior I: July 3 – July 12

Second Session: July 22 – August 16
Junior II: July 31 – August 9