KWE at Home: Simply Paper

We can all be given the same instructions but complete a task differently. If our product is different from others, it can create conflict or conclusion. During this activity, participants explore how different interpretations encourage diversity.  On your own, follow the written instructions below to create a paper snowflake. Compare your snowflake to the snowflakes made by others following the same instructions.

Plan: Make a list of three things that make you different from the person with whom you are working. Think about how these differences affect your relationship with this person, do they make it stronger? More challenging? More interesting?

Step 1: Take your paper and fold it in half; Tear off the bottom right-hand corner.

Step 2: Fold the paper in half again. Tear off the top left corner..

Step 3: Fold the paper one more time. Make a tear on the right edge.

Step 4: Unfold your snowflake.

Reflect: Compare the snowflakes. What differences do you notice? What factors contributed to the differences between the snowflakes? How are your snowflakes similar to real snowflakes? How are they different?

Apply: How does making snowflakes compare to making different choices or having different opinions? Is it harder to agree on the outcome or on the process? What is one way that you can work together effectively with someone who has a different perspective? What can different perspectives on a team help you achieve? How do you communicate clearly and effectively when you are in different places?

Extend: Is being at home changing your perspective and/or the way that you do things? Why or why not? How can changing your perspective be challenging? When is it helpful?

Send us photos of your simply paper snowflakes and we’ll share them on our Facebook page!