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My EIR placement is at Boothbay Region Elementary School. I was fortunate enough to have been the EIR for Boothbay last year as well, so when I walked into the school last week, I was greeted by both teachers and students who already knew who I was. It is very exciting for me to be able to return to this school since I already am familiar with it. The base of my goals is to continue and improve upon the work I accomplished last year at the school, as well as positively connect with the students.


The seventh graders come to TLS for a week in the fall, and so it is one of my ideas to facilitate various follow up activities for them, as well as the eighth graders. These activities generally focus on how they are bringing back TLS principles to their school and community. Spending time with these students is one of my favorite parts about the EIR program. All of them had such a memorable time at TLS and formed strong bonds with their classmates and myself during this time, and I love to see how their experience still carries over and affects them.

I also spend a lot of time with the sixth grade, who will be coming to TLS next fall. Along with my site mentor, I am planning a “Kieve Day,” where the sixth graders will be able to come to Kieve, have a tour of the campus, and then be able to do some climbing. This will be culmination of weekly activities that I will lead with them. My hope is that this program will get the sixth graders excited for TLS next fall, prepare them for a different style of learning, as well as provide them with fun.

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In addition, I eat lunch with the middle schoolers, provide Spanish enrichment classes for the younger grades, help with a high school ambassador program and facilitate TLS type activities in many of the specials classes. Not only does the EIR program provide a way to make the TLS message last longer, it also gives me a chance to connect with the students on a higher level, and gives me a better understanding a local public school. I cannot wait to see where the winter will go, and I am excited to have another opportunity to work at Boothbay!
Hannah Lovejoy

Hannah Lovejoy, Boothbay Regional Elementary School EIR 2015