Make a Difference

Since 1982, the Leadership School has impacted communities across the state of Maine in many ways.  Over that time, we have shared important messages like, “I make my life through my choices” with an entire generation.  At Leadership School programs now, we meet students whose parents have said fondly “I remember that” and “my time at Kieve was so special.”  These stories fuel our passion and remind us that although our programs may be short, the power of our work is great.  While our time with students during Leadership School programs is short-lived and temporary, the stories that we hear weeks, months and years later tell us that our impact is deep and lasting.

As Educators, we know that our lasting impact is less about us, or our specific teachings, than it is about the opportunities that we offer students.  With our belief in them, we are giving students a gift of belief in themselves.  By posing authentic challenges, we offer students confidence to push themselves to both “fail” and “succeed” with courage and grace.  When we listen and play, we demonstrate to students that they are valuable and worth our time and attention.  By showing our true selves at work and play, we reveal an honest human spirit that is both fallible and completely acceptable . . . and as they “strive in emulation of” any one of the Educators at TLS, they are really striving to live within their own true selves.

As you do your work in the world, notice how you impact those around you and how powerful your connections are.  You may be surprised to find how many connections you have made – and how many of them are deep and lasting.