Leadership School Builds Leaders

This spring, it is especially apparent that while the Leadership School program very directly and profoundly contributes to the lives of the students who we serve, it also reaches far into their communities to create lasting positive impacts whose impact can multiply exponentially.  From March – June, we will serve over 3000 students in Residential programs at both Kieve and Wavus and also at schools throughout Maine and Massachusetts during Outreach programs.  

Thanks Rupert Nock Middle School
Newburyport Middle School attends Leadership School

With each program, we are work closely with the visiting teachers to process their observations and share tips and tools that they can carry back to enliven and enrich their schools and classrooms.  Additionally, parents from schools participating in 5-day programs are invited to join us on the school’s departure day for a workshop, participation in closing ceremonies and lunch.  They not only witness firsthand the magic of their student’s experience here, they get to share in that experience and help create a bridge between the Leadership School and home.

After a week that intermittently drizzled, down poured and blew, students, teachers and parents from Rupert A. Nock Middle School in Newburyport, MA celebrated the students’ Leadership School accomplishments under sunny skies.

Kieve Leadership School closing day
Rupert Nock students playing "The Game"

The Friday celebration for students included a Graduation ceremony and “the Game”, a playful opportunity to practice the communication and problem solving skills they have been developing all week.  Over 90 parents drove up on Friday morning to share in the Kieve experience with their children.  Parents attended a parent workshop that introduced them to the language and techniques of the Leadership School experience and then joined their children for a slideshow highlighting events of the week and lunch.