The Leadership School Rolls On

The chill in the air heralds the return of back to school traditions for parents, students and teachers – school bus schedules, lunch boxes, afterschool activities, and homework.  For almost 500 Maine students, returning to school this year also meant a trip to the Leadership School.

For years, two  Maine school districts have included a Leadership School program as one of their back to school traditions.  Sixth graders from Memorial Middle School arrived a week later, working towards building a unified and positive social and academic community.  They were followed by 6th graders from Falmouth Middle School.

Though full of the unique characteristics of their home communities, these schools share a huge commonality.  .  . in both vision and function, they are committed to cultivating learning communities in which kindness and respect are pervasive.  The back-to school lessons from the Leadership School will percolate in these classrooms and fields throughout the year.