Educator in Residence 2019

2019 Educators in Residence

2019 is the 7th year for The Leadership School’s Educator-In-Residence (EIR) program. Our 21 educators will be working in 18 different schools throughout the state of Maine.

This year’s EIR schools include:

  • Boothbay Region Elementary School
  • Bristol Consolidated School
  • Damariscotta Montessori School
  • Great Salt Bay School
  • Hope Elementary School
  • Jefferson Village School
  • King Middle School
  • Lincoln Academy
  • Loranger Middle School
  • Medomak Middle School
  • Memorial Middle School
  • Nobleboro Central School
  • OUT Maine
  • Searsport Middle School
  • South Bristol School
  • St. George Elementary School
  • Whitefield Elementary School
  • Woodland Middle School

The program objectives are shaped by the needs of the school community, the goals of the administration and the strengths of the educator. Educators and school mentors develop individualized memorandums of understanding that are diverse and include school specific items such as: support healthy classroom behavior, develop after-school play clubs, provide professional development for staff and help students transition between various life stages. Their work plans share commonalities too:  to promote positive interactions among students, model inclusive behavior for students, model positive language and redirection for teachers, and disseminate TLS messages and language across grade levels.  The EIR program furthers the Kieve-Wavus long range goal of deepening and broadening the impact of our programming.

Over the coming weeks our educators will be sharing their experiences on the blog, keeping us updated what they doing at their different schools.