Educational Co-Ed Leadership School for Teens:

The Leadership School at Camp Kieve in Maine sees it every day: student leadership starts here. As a visiting teacher from northern Maine reflected, “I’ve learned more about my students in our four days at the Leadership School at Kieve than I have in the first four weeks of school.”

Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect
Play hard and safe at the Leadership School

Not your average school for middle school and high school students, leadership development training challenges students, teachers and parents to take positive risks, set meaningful goals, make healthy decisions and become Maine’s next generation of strong leaders. Now serving approximately 7,000 middle school and high school students annually, The Leadership School at Kieve combines group work, individual reflection, and fun to address many of the issues students face daily, both in and out of school.

The Leadership School at Camp Kieve has welcomed schools from Presque Isle to Philadel­phia, PA, and meets the needs of diverse student populations, from inner city Portland to the offshore islands of Maine. A unique and creative program, the Leadership School at Camp Kieve fosters youth development  and quality leadership in the private and public schools.

The co-ed Leadership School at Kieve is grounded in three principles: 
Social connections and skills are critical to the success of students. 
2. Active learning techniques engage students of all abilities and backgrounds. Active techniques that are fun and encourage metaphorical thinking facilitate maximum growth because it meets students where they are. 
3. Solvable challenges of increasing difficulty enable students to accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

As a result, the Leadership School at Kieve is a school that builds confidence and effective relationship skills. “I always thought she was so shy,” another teacher remarks on a student. “But at Leadership School, she’s really bold and articulate.” At this school, visiting parents notice powerful changes as well. “It’s been wonder­ful to see him interacting so easily in social settings at Kieve’s Leadership School; I don’t see that at middle school,” noted a Falmouth parent.

Through uniquely designed programs at the Leadership School at Camp Kieve, students and their teachers leave ener­gized and equipped to meet the challenges of school together. To see the Leadership School at Kieve in action, launch our new Leadership School video. To talk to Camp Kieve about our Leadership School program and your school, call 207-563-6212 today.