Kieve’s Writers’ Conference

Ralph Sneeden — our Writers’ Conference Director

Ralph is at it again, doing what he does best… Take a look at the link below for his latest published creation…

Ralph was born in Los Angeles and grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts and Long Island. He has been teaching English since 1995 at Phillips Exeter Academy, in Exeter, New Hampshire, where he also directs the George Bennett Writer-in-Residence Fellowship and is the Continuing Professional Development Coordinator. He has also taught at the Pingree School and Lake Forest Academy. The title poem of his first book Evidence of the Journey (Harmon Blunt, 2007) received the Friends of Literature Prize from POETRY Magazine/Poetry Foundation and the book also received honorable mention for Washington and Lee University/Shenandoah Magazine’s Glasgow Prize.

Dear friends and family—

The Common (the folks who brought you “Django: Elegies and Improvisations with Small Boats”—bless them) has published my essay on surfing/drowning, etc.  It’s available in the print edition (handsome and desirable), but it just came out online, too:

Stepping Off: Confessions from the Littoral Zone | The Common

Each version has its own distinct and nifty set of photos (courtesy of the multi-talented Ike Fontaine, goal-oriented Jake Sneeden and Jesper— a Danish surf guru in Senegal).  Feel free to pass it on to any wave and/or surf-minded person in your sphere.  I’ve been encouraged by the editor to get the word out about both editions.