Year: 2015

Kieve – down under…

A note from Bo Wakefield – Kieve Staff ’53 & ‘54 To Henry Kennedy –Director . It is a long way back to a Kieve and a Maine summertime ! Yes – Sure I remember Aunt Harriet; and Mr. Stokeinger as camp director . (I was a tackle/ linebacker on the N&G undefeated football team  that whipped ‘Stoky’s’ Milton Academy

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Kieve – Ted Cooke

I came to the hilltop a shy, “husky” boy just a few days short of my 12th birthday with 17 armpit hairs and a busted up leg to my name. Knowing nothing and no one when I arrived, I walked to South Harris from my first meal at Pasquaney. While passing Innisfree, a man asked if I was Teddy Cooke.

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I Know Who You Are – Mac King

I know who you are. Whether you opened this book (the new “90th” book due out this summer)  and immediately sought out the section devoted to the ’90s and 2000s, or you read every page up to this point and my “I know who you are” opening has now led you to reconsider why you set out on this course

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Winter 2015 EIR Conclusion

The Five Most Important Things I Learned This Winter: Being an EIR has been such a rewarding experience both personally and professionally. We’re able to become part of a community and incorporate TLS into students and teachers everyday lives. The experience requires you to navigate a new school environment, getting to know the teachers and students and building relationships with

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Loranger EIR

Hi, my name is Paul McCarthy and this is my 5th year working for Kieve-Wavus and my first winter working as an EIR. Everyone at the school calls me Pablo and this has been a long running nickname given to me by a former Kieve employee (Forrest). This winter I have spent my EIR time at Loranger Middle School in

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King EIR

It is hard to believe that we have just two short weeks left in our EIR program this winter. Time has certainly been flying by. It feels like just yesterday I stepped into the halls of King Middle School to do my site visit in November. I have had the pleasure of working primarily with Rhonda Janelle, the physical education

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Bucksport EIR

Although I’ve only been at Bucksport Middle School for eight weeks,  the teachers and students have been so welcoming and opened their classrooms to me, it feels like I’ve been there all year. I’ve experienced nothing but positive vibes as I’ve gotten to know all of their wonderful faces. During my eight weeks at Bucksport, I have been able to:

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Searsport EIR

I remember when we first started talking about what would eventually become the Leadership School EIR program. At that point, there were a lot of cool questions without answers, but there never seemed to be any doubt that sending TLS staff into schools around Maine was a really, really good idea. Three years later we still have questions, but our

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Memorial EIR

My name is Will Hackett, I have been involved with Kieve for the majority of my life, and a part of the Leadership School staff for the last four years. This is my second winter doing the Educator in Residence program, and once again it has been a life changing experience! Over the past month and a half I have

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Bristol Consolidated School EIR

This has been my first year at TLS and therefore my first year as an EIR. I have had the great pleasure of working at Bristol Consolidated School (BCS) with mostly grades 4th through 7th for the past five weeks. I have been working with BCS Principal, Jennifer Ribeiro, and Guidance Counselor, Francine Rondina to make my role at BCS

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