Kieve – down under…

A note from Bo Wakefield – Kieve Staff ’53 & ‘54

To Henry Kennedy –Director .

It is a long way back to a Kieve and a Maine summertime !

Yes – Sure I remember Aunt Harriet; and Mr. Stokeinger as camp director .

(I was a tackle/ linebacker on the N&G undefeated football team  that whipped ‘Stoky’s’

Milton Academy in 1952 / 53 .…  Stoky & I were voyagers from Camp Wabun in Ontario)

I best remember Larry Plumber as the Waterfront Director & our guide on the 1953 Allagash paddle ! ( I have a great twilight waterfront photo of Larry & I planning that Allagash !)

Enough said – I’ll save something for the Kieve 90th ! If you want more ?

I’ve just experienced a surprise 80th birthday gathering ( see attached photos) at the

Yacht Club in Southport,  Australia.. It’s a long story in 64 chapters from Damariscotta

to 4-years of college hockey and 9-years a USMC officer; then marrying an Australian

girl and living worldwide! Now we have been retired 4-years on rural property high

above the South Pacific ocean at Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia.

It is a long story we won’t try to unearth here; maybe for a Kieve 90th Note ?

( The birthday cake photo attached sums me up pretty well !

“ All Aussie on the surface – but always a Yankee inside “ )


During this surprise birthday gathering last Saturday – from out of nowhere came the most amazing birthday gift .. Two shirts and an ‘Kieve’ hat in MOXIE colors !

Unbelievable it was ! I don’t think I had ever related my Keive experiences to any

of my four children !  Now I am blessed with a brand shirts & orange ball-cap !

I wore the hat on and off all afternoon, and all the way driving home !


To you Henry , and to all Kieve people involved in getting that gift out here – may

I thank each for your kindness to an elder camp councillor!  I’ll never forget !

You made a Kieve elder very happy on his 80th ! I guess middle-age is from now !

But I also am writing this e-note today with a further commercial request of your staff !

During mid-January in the 2016 year – we will host another elder Kieve staffer !

From Boulder, Colorado we expect a 5-day visit from Bill Taggart (Belmont Hill and BH

Hockey ’52-53 ) and his Canadian wife Lil.   We have not seen Bill & Lil in 23 years! Undoubtedly during our reunion we will unearth the never be repeated  Kieve ‘stories’ long forgotten.

For the occasion of this very first Kieve reunion ‘DOWN UNDER’ we will have ‘fly’ the

Kieve colors ..

Thus I would like to PURCHASE four Kieve shirts & one ballcap !

One men’s and one x-large men’s polo shirt

One men’s Kieve grey Tee and one x-large Kieve grey T.

One only ball-cap !

Thanking you in greatest anticipation – Why two shirt sizes ?

Bill Taggart might well have enlarged in the last 23 years!

My very best wishes all of you involved with Camp Kieve ..

Sincere Regards …. ‘Bo’ Wakefield … Staff K’53-54

Note: The ‘Bubby’ name died 60 years ago!

Who ever heard  a Marine Corps Captain named ‘Bubby’ ?