Three Ways The Leadership School Staff Works for Maine – and Beyond

Can you believe that 60 amazing people now work at Kieve Wavus year-round?! And that thousands of people experience life changing moments on our campuses for over 300 days every year? Beyond the management team and the hardworking folks who grind behind the scenes to keep our campuses in top shape, to fill our bellies with delicious meals, and to keep our universe organized and informed, 31 of our staff are on the front lines as incredible teachers, mentors, and role models. What follows is a small taste about those TLS difference makers and how they are helping students – mostly from Maine – communicate more effectively, trust more willingly, and aim higher more frequently.

Casting a Wide Net: Residential and outreach programs for Northern New England
Every year over 8,000 students – mostly middle schoolers and their teachers – make their way to Damariscotta Lake for multi-day retreats. TLS Educators are also often on the road bringing programming to playgrounds, parking lots, and gymnasiums. About one-in-five of all students who graduate from Maine schools are impacted by Kieve Wavus at some point during their school years. The program started 40 years ago, and countless Mainers can now look back on their time here as a highlight of their school years. We love hearing from these alumni often!

Teaching Aspiring Teachers: TLS Educators in Residence
Since 2013, TLS has been providing an Educator in Residence to a set of schools who attend TLS residential programs. These Educators play important roles in the school, providing formal and informal mentorship, working one on one with students who need a little extra guidance, and running before and after school programs for students. Our staff also runs professional development courses for teachers on social-emotional development. As an organization, Kieve Wavus Education is committed to a teach-the-teacher method that aims to put more aspirational teachers in schools that need them most.

Diving Deeper: Committing to Local Schools
Particularly for those kids who grow up near Kieve and Wavus, TLS is working on several important partnerships and initiatives in order to spend lots more time with individual students than is typical of TLS programs. We’re blending summer camp-type adventures with TLS classes and giving our young, creative, and loving staff more flexibility to build exciting curriculum. We’re also including many community leaders, school personnel, and other non-profit organizations in this effort. The hope is that KWE’s long-term commitment to local students will help graduate even more happy, healthy, curious, confident, and resilient people who will, in turn, aim to make deep and lasting differences in this world.