Kieve-Wavus Leads Update

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The Kieve-Wavus Leads program is an opportunity to bring together the best of the Leadership School and our summer camp program, for the benefit of kids in our local community. Kieve-Wavus Leads is a 6-year, expeditionary youth program model nested within a comprehensive youth mentoring program. The Kieve-Wavus Leads program is underway with a successful recruitment process  We have made presentations to 7th graders across the AOS 93 district, including Great Salt Bay Community School, Nobleboro Central School, South Bristol School, Bristol Consolidated School, Jefferson Village School and the Damariscotta Montessori School.  The application process opened after a parent information session hosted at Kieve in early December.  We look forward to selecting our first Kieve-Wavus Leads cohort just after the new year and celebrating with participants and their families at a Kieve-Wavus Leads welcome event the first week in February!