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November 29, 2018

Happy Holidays!!

Benjamin was all quiet, in a good way, kind of teary-eyed, not the usual Benjamin, not the usual reaction I get when he is excited. I am speaking about his reaction to receiving the letter confirming a scholarship for him this summer. When he knew I was filling out forms that determined his eligibility, there was nervous feeling he was getting, not certain, of course, whether he gets to come back up again this year.

So our take on his reaction was that his most heartfelt feelings were deep down in his soul, ones of relief that he gets to be up there again for another summer. He has entered his freshman year of high school and has taken on greater responsibilities and facing new challenges, so it makes more sense to me that he has a deep feeling of loyalty to Camp Kieve and so badly wants to have some older tradition in his life as he begins to grow out of his more youthful ways and enter into young adulthood. He has been a camper there for a whole bunch of years now, considers it a second home for him, and his identification with it is in his soul as he continues to share with us funny memories and anecdotes that happened to him during cold winter seasonal moments here in North Carolina.  Our Thanksgiving holiday was tough this year for us Meglins’ as we lost Nick Meglin, Ben’s grandfather, back in June, and we loved this holiday with him because it was his favorite, as Nick would always get an earful from Benjamin about his biggest highlights from the year, always talking about summer time experiences at Kieve. It gives Benjamin and his family great pleasure and it’s a great honor to be a recipient of another extremely generous scholarship from Kieve-Wavus donors.  Our lives have dramatically changed for the better due to this amazing opportunity you and these donors have provided us. We are once again counting down the days until we drive up there again in June to continue this priceless journey for our son’s wilderness experience and fulfillment.

With much love and gratitude,

Benjamin, Chris, and Susana