Hey, Dick!

Staying in touch is obviously something I stink at, I’m afraid. I sent you a note, and you replied (some two years ago?!), about how we’d be better about staying in touch than we’d been in the previous twenty years. Life is always busy and complicated! But was speaking with Henry today and remembered that I wanted to send you the attached pic from, I would guess, 1989 or 1990. My all-time starting five.

You asked what I do. I am working in education, as the communications director for a private tutoring company and its affiliated public charity. So much like Kieve, we cover the full range, from the very well off to the most needy and deserving. I would not be surprised if some of your NYC campers were also our clients.

My dad passed away after my first summer as a counselor, right when I started college. Pancreatic cancer got him at 46. Way too young. My mom and brother are still around and in good health, touch wood. My mom is still a huge fan of you and Nancy for all that you did to help her boys grow into not entirely disreputable men. She is very much hoping my boys will get a few summers in Nobleboro too when they are ready.

Very much hoping to be able to make a visit up this summer and have a look at the place–it’s been too damn long. Can’t wait to catch up with you then. In the meantime, much love, respect and lifelong adoration.

Charlie Loxton (Kieve 1980-1986, Council Staff 1989-1992)

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