KWE Zoom Links and FAQs

We loved seeing so many of you on Zoom this week and hope anyone who missed checks out the recordings below.  We’ve also compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions HERE and also below the Zoom info.

5/18/21 KWE Parents Zoom
Click HERE to view KWE Parents Zoom gathering 
Passcode: u=3!7t2N

5/20/21 Wavus Campers
Click HERE to view Wavus Zoom gathering
No passcode needed

5/20/21 Kieve Campers
Click HERE to view Kieve Zoom gathering
No passcode needed

Please reach out with any questions and summer can’t come soon enough!

Kate Kaplan & Sam Kennedy

Summer Camp 2021 – Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that you find the following list of Frequently Asked Questions helpful as you prepare your camper for Kieve and Wavus this summer. Please remember to read through our May COVID Update for complete details; this document will be updated and shared again in June. As always, if you still have questions – related to COVID or not – please don’t hesitate to reach out!

  1. Do family members have to get tested or present proof of vaccination in order to drop off their camper?

No. Family members (and especially unvaccinated family members) should be cautious during the 10 day pre-camp period, but do not need to test or present proof of vaccination. All campers and family members must wear masks on Drop Off Day, regardless of vaccination status.

  1. Do all campers need a PCR test before camp? How do we get a PCR test?

Yes. All campers regardless of vaccination status must be tested for COVID-19 by PCR within 5 days of arrival. You should be able to schedule a PCR test at your doctor’s office, an urgent care center or a pharmacy. PCR tests can take up to 72 hours to result, so please make sure you check with your lab or provider to confirm you’ll have the result by the first day of camp. Campers will not be permitted to enter camp until proof of a negative PCR test result is sent to

Please schedule your COVID-19 PCR test in this 3 day window:

■ 1st Session: 6/17-6/19

■ 1st Intro: 6/26-6/28

■ 2nd Session: 7/15-7/17

■ 2nd Intro: 7/24-7/26

  1. Can families get out of the car on Drop Off Day?

Yes. Families may get out of the car but should be prepared for a very quick drop off and goodbye this summer. If you would like to briefly visit your camper’s cabin, please remember to wear a mask and maintain distancing. 

  1. My camper is vaccinated. Will they have to wear a mask?

Yes. Our policy for masking and distancing is the same for all campers regardless of vaccination status.

  1. How will you do testing at camp?
    We will conduct two rounds of PCR testing in the first week of camp. For campers who have COVID-like symptoms, we’ll use rapid antigen tests in order to quickly identify a positive. Every positive antigen test will be followed by a confirmatory PCR test.
  1. Will siblings across the lake be able to visit each other?

We know how much our campers love to see their siblings. Sibling visits between Kieve and Wavus will be made possible when our healthcare team determines it is safe for both groups to interact.

  1. What happens if someone tests positive for COVID-19 at camp?

If your camper tests positive, we will not be able to house them on campus to fulfill the mandatory 10-day quarantine. For this reason, all families must have a contingency plan to pick up their camper within 24 hours in the event that they test positive for COVID-19. Please remember that those who test positive for COVID-19 may not take public transportation.

If someone in your camper’s cabin tests positive, all members of that cabin must quarantine together. The cabin group will do regular activities, but will do them separately from the rest of camp for at least 7 days. All campers will be tested before returning to daily life with the rest of camp.

  1. How and when will Kieve Wavus communicate to parents about COVID during camp?
    We will inform all families by email if there is a positive COVID-19 case at camp, and will specify whether your camper was a close contact and must quarantine as a result. Because we anticipate frequent testing for symptoms such as sore throat, we will not inform families of negative tests.

  2. What are the protocols for preventing and treating tick bites?
    Our staff make “tick checks” part of every camper’s daily routine and confirm these checks as a part of the nightly “medical minute” check-in that campers complete with a staff member. Visual reminders and infographics for performing tick checks are posted in shower and bathroom stalls.

    Our protocol for prophylactic treatment aligns with the CDC and recommends one dose of the antibiotic doxycycline for ticks that have been attached for more than 24-36 hours, or in any case where flu-like symptoms or fever develop. If a prophylactic or longer course of doxycycline is recommended, we will communicate with parents.       

  3. Will campers still go on their wilderness trip?
    Yes! All Kieve and Wavus campers go on a wilderness trip and all trips are scheduled to run as usual. Campers will not need to wear masks on their trip unless they are in close contact with another group or are asked to follow the specific policies of the area in which they are traveling. Cabin groups will not be tested when returning to camp unless they have close contact with people outside our camp bubble. Click the links to learn more about wilderness trips at Kieve and at Wavus.