Kieve Wavus News Fall 2021 Vol. 95 No. 2

Dear KWE Families and Friends,

During my magical Kieve camper days more than 50 years ago, our counselors and directors taught us to always leave our campsites better than we found them. Over these past 32 years at the helm of the first Kieve Affective Education and then Kieve Wavus Education, that lesson resonated with me every single day. The time has come for me to step down as executive director at the end of 2021 and into a new role here as executive director emeritus. Trading in my “buck stops here” role, I’ll be mentoring Sammy and his leadership team, further cultivating and sustaining constituent relationships, and acting as an ambassador for KWE—always available as needed. I’m confident the board could not have chosen a more capable, committed, and compassionate leader than Sammy Kennedy. When I think back on all that we’ve collectively accomplished in these last three decades, I can’t help but smile from ear to ear. The generations before us set us off on an incredible journey, and we are honored to follow their lead. My grandpa, a teacher by trade, bought this sacred land in his early 20s and founded Kieve in 1926 on a wing and a prayer, an abundance of hope, and the strong conviction that camp–a new idea at the time–would be an excellent way to both educate the heart and create confident, kind, and exceptional leaders.

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