Kieve Wavus News Spring 2021 Vol. 95 No. 1

Spring 2021 Newsletter

The Leadership School and Summer Camp Connection

Since their beginnings, The Leadership School, Kieve and Wavus have been great places for enthusiastic young teachers to launch their careers – at most recent count, more than 200 current educators started out on Damariscotta Lake. This summer, over 70% of our TLS Educators will be working as camp counselors and assistant directors, up from 30% just two years ago. I’m thrilled that three of our Educators, Garrett, Rachel, and Sam, will be joining us as summer camp directors this June before stepping into TLS leadership roles next fall. They are all veteran members of The Leadership School and have spent the past year teaching in local Maine schools as Educators in Residence. Their knowledge of all our programs, camaraderie with the staff, and passion to fulfill our mission make them excellent representatives of KWE. Their impact on local Maine kids this past year was significant, and I could not be more excited to have these three tremendous educators serve as leaders for TLS and summer camp. It is exciting to see the connections between all our programs deepened and our future is bright with Garrett, Rachel, and Sam helping us empower the next generation of campers, students, and educators!

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