New Year’s Evolutions

New Year’s Evolutions

They aren’t really New Year’s Resolutions, because they have been a long time in the making, and they aren’t New Year’s Revolutions because they don’t really represent a change of course.  We are developing new programs that will allow us to meet the Kieve-Wavus mission in new ways, while building upon the strengths, tradition and history that makes us the healthy vibrant organization that we are today.  So perhaps they are Evolutions – structural changes to make us more effective, sustainable and healthy.

But before I share our Evolutions with you, let’s review the Kieve-Wavus mission statement. (be honest – have you ever read it?)

Kieve-Wavus Education empowers people to contribute positively to society by promoting the values of kindness, respect for others, and environmental stewardship through year-round experiential programs, camps for youth and adults, and guidance from inspirational role models

So, with the mission as our inspiration – we are heading into 2013 prepared to strengthen and deepen our impact on young people in our current programs – and to launch a brand new program.

Scheduled to launch in Fall 2014, the Bridge Year will engage 24 rising 9th graders in a year of innovative study that fosters intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth in a cooperative learning environment.  The Bridge Year will be based at the Kennedy Learning Center and will use the communities, trails and waterways of Maine and beyond as its classrooms.

With over 80 years of experience, education and adventure with young people behind us, Kieve-Wavus is thrilled to embrace this evolutionary shift that will allow us to engage deeply with a small group of young people for an extended period of time.

Please support our efforts by spreading the word – and watching the Bridge Year blog for updates as the program develops and as we prepare to welcome our inaugural class of students in September 2014!the_bridge_year_image