Kieve Wavus Education employs people who instinctively care for others.

Most staff were campers at Wavus while they were growing up and others have earned the trust of those loyal to this magical place.  At KWE, job descriptions are short, days are long, and staff are committed to treating everyone and everything with kindness and respect.

Our staff are strong, independent, kind and caring role models whose campers, we hope, will one day have the opportunity to share those character traits with their own campers and communities.

Henry R. Kennedy

Executive Director

Charlie Richardson

Director of Education and Operations

Kirstie A. Truluck

Wavus Camp for Girls Director

Joy Bengtson Giffen

Executive Assistant

Kate Kaplan

Summer Camp Program Director

Lauren Geddes

Wavus Tripping Director

Lindy Perry

Junior Wavus Director

Jess Anderson

KWE Health Care Manager

Molly Billings

Tripping Assistant

Greta Brown

Tripping Assistant

Sam Mengual

Tripping Assistant

Courtney Bliss

Program Assistant

Sarah Adelberg

Infirmary Director

Jillian Schreier

Infirmary Assistant

Ted Watson

Environmental Educator

Cam Miller

KWE Challenge Course Manager

Bentley Anderson

Zoe Bank

Sophie Barr

Grace Begin

Claire Benning

Katherine Berry

Claire Brady

Lila Brady

Liza Burroughs

Abby Burrows

Sydney Byrnes

Katie Caffrey

Fiona Casson

Bailey Combs-Baker

Sophia Cronin

Caroline Crosley

Nettie Cunningham

Julia Danielsen

Charlotte Del Col

Georgia Dettmann

Ciara Donovan

Banks Dotson

Cricket Dotson

Katharine Dougherty

Sabrina Eisen

Lily Epstein

Raven Ferri

Clara Gal

Kalea Gale

Charlotte Gardner

Freya Geddes

Tori Glaser

Caroline Hall

Megan Hartnett

Caroline Haywood

Hallie Heggeness

Story Hentoff

Kathryn Hintz

Isabel Hogshire

Betsy Hunt

Gigi Imperatore

Ella Janvier

Caroline Jessup

Katherine Jessup

Lindsay Kaback

Cynthia Kellett

Lane Kizziah

Lilly Kuhn

Aspen Laurita-Spanglet

Grace Lawlor

Julia Lyne

Grace Lyons

Soph MacKeigan

Haleigh McCarthy

Lizzy McGrady

Megan McNerny

Zara Norman

Alison Obstler

Ali Peterson

Eliza Pohle

Abby Rathbun

Elizabeth Robbins-Cole

Laura Rockefeller

Jordana Roet

Celia Ross

Anna Sandt

Ellie Sandt

Kelsey Saunders

Anna Sawicki

Ana Schavoir

Dempsey Schott

Liv Small

Lily Tromanhauser

Merrill Truluck

Natalie Unger

Casey Walsh

Hayley Willner

Tookie Wilson

Abba Wilson

Crinny Woloson

Anna Wood

Cam Woods

Bailey Ytterdahl


Kieve Wavus Education always loves meeting caring, energetic and motivated people who strive to empower others by promoting values of kindness and respect.  KWE is committed to the health, well-being, and personal growth not only of our participants but also of our staff.  KWE is an equal opportunity employer.  If you are interested in becoming a part of this amazing team, please be in touch!

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