The Leadership School is designed to be as financially accessible as possible to students in Maine and across the country. Dick Kennedy’s philosophy that, “all children are at promise” and “that we do the greatest good when we teach the teacher,” has led to Kieve Wavus Education, Inc. to underwrite half of all costs for student participants while encouraging faculty and staff who attend these programs to fully participate- both to better learn who their students are and for their own professional development.

Each of our programs has unique costs to operate and we will always work closely to understand and support the needs of your community. We believe in transparency, and in addition to the substantial costs of providing excellent food and maintaining our world class facilities, we hire a team of 25 Educators for the school year, each of whom have earned Bachelor’s Degrees, and some of whom have earned Master’s Degree. This team includes The Leadership School Director, the KWE Challenge Course Director, the KWE Healthcare and Risk Director, and two Lead Educators, all of whom are year round KWE employees.


The cost to your school is $42.50 per day for each student and $85 per day for each faculty or staff participant, who will each receive a copy of our curriculum resource, Kindness and Respect. Our model, 5-day Residential program is $212.50 per student and $425 per faculty or staff. Schools who choose to have faculty or staff sleep in the cabins with their students will by charged the student rate for those adults. 

For local schools, we may conduct a 1-day Outreach prior to the Residential program- please see Outreach programs for how this cost varies.

If your school is local and contracts a 1-day program, the cost is $42.50 per student, or $30 per student if each participant brings their own bagged lunch.  In order to promote our experiential approach to social-emotional learning in our local community, each faculty and staff 1-day participant is charged $12.50 per person if we provide lunch, otherwise their cost to attend is fully underwritten.


The cost to your school is $30 per day for each student and $60 per day for each faculty or staff participant who will each receive a copy of our curriculum resource, Kindness and Respect. Our model, 2-day outreach program is $60 per student and $120 per faculty or staff. Our understanding is that your school will provide our Educators with lunch for each day of programming.

Schools will also reimburse the costs Kieve Wavus Education incurs if our Educators require public transportation and/or lodging to lead your Outreach program. To better support our local community, we do not ask schools to reimburse travel costs when we ask our team to commute to and from KWE on the same day in our vehicles.


Our EASEL programs teach teachers and school leaders how to apply our experiential approach to educating the whole person- regardless of setting. Our focus can be on any combination of the following topics: community building, cross-curricular instruction and design, leadership and character development, experiential and outdoor education. Please follow this link for pricing for each EASEL offering, and know that each of the following programs is designed exactly to the needs of your school’s participants:

Workshops – designed for 1 hour to 3 hours – Professional development at your school, on our campus, or virtually on Zoom – designed for 5 educators to a full preK-12 faculty.

Coachingdesigned for 1 hour sessions – 1-1 or small group coaching to help educators blend EASEL with their individual teaching style and curriculum – designed for 1 to 4 educators.

Auditsdesigned for any school communityCharlie Richardson spends three days in your community interviewing key stakeholders and assessing faculty-student relationships, programs, and curriculum, submitting a comprehensive recommendation of opportunities for growth.

Consultingdesigned for – Curriculum and course design with a focus on integrating EASEL concepts. Support for cross-curricular EASEL content generation and implementation. Resource for school leaders seeking to integrate the EASEL approach across their community

Institutesdesigned bi-annually for educators and annually for school leaders –    4-day intensives at our Kieve campus. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information about future programs.