Whether at our campus or in your community, our programming and curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of each group of participants. Whether students or your educators, our goal is to empower each person we work with through our experiential approach to social-emotional learning.

On our campuses, our curriculum goes beyond the CASEL competencies of self management, self awareness, relationship skills, social awareness, and responsible decision-making, to include fun camp-style activities and incredible opportunities for growth on our world class ropes course and climbing wall. We also are able to conduct team-building through our low ropes elements and promote environmental stewardship through our nature curriculum.

As you consider our programs, know that Kieve Wavus Education, Inc. underwrites half of the operating costs for the student participants of our Residential and Outreach programs.


Whether an overnight school retreat or a 5-day residential program, our Educators take the lead on all teaching and supervision. We provide three hot meals and snacks each day, and our classes provide opportunities for students and teachers to strengthen communication skills, build healthy relationships, practice positive risk taking, raise aspirations, and create physically and emotionally safer school climates.

We have also intentionally designed this program to incorporate the teachers who visit with their students. We have seen over and over again, that schools who have a teacher stay in each cabin with their kids, and who shadow our classes during the day, leave our campus with a number of new resources to use in their own classrooms and with a far better understanding of who each of their students is and what they need from them to learn more effectively for the rest of the school year.


We have designed our program so that you can contract our Educators to come to your school and lead the same experiential approach to social-emotional learning classes that your students would take during a Residential program on one of our campuses.

Each student will participate in classes that implement our experiential approach to teaching self management, self awareness, relationship skills, social awareness, and responsible decision-making. Our outreaches range from 1-day to full week programs and are designed to fit the specific needs of your school and your daily schedule. We encourage teachers to participate with their students so that they can take what we teach back to their classrooms in the future.


With the publication of Kindness and Respect we formed EASEL, formalizing our educator professional development programs. Whether a workshop, 1-1 or small group coaching, consulting services, an SEL community audit, or an institute at KWE, EASEL is designed to meet exactly what you want for your team.

Our experiential approach to social-emotional learning is not prescriptive but adaptive- empowering participants to self-assess and improve their own teaching philosophies and pedagogies. Each EASEL program can be designed to develop any of the following area’s through an SEL lens: community building, cross-curricular instruction and design, leadership and character development, experiential and outdoor education.


Our Educator in Residence (EIR) program works with partner schools to embed one of our Educators into a Maine school community from Thanksgiving through Patriots’ Day. This portion of the program is of zero cost to the school, and some schools will partner with KWE to fund their Educator to stay from Patriots’ Day through Memorial Day.

This program provides an invaluable expert in our experiential approach to social-emotional learning, and is based on four pillars- core-curricular instruction, counseling and behavioral intervention, extracurricular activity, and faculty and staff duties. By partnering with a faculty or staff mentor, our Educator will find a way to effectively support their school in each of those four areas with the goal of helping each student they interact with towards becoming more socially and emotionally competent learners.

Our EIR program is possible because of generous donors including the Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Fund.