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Our one rule is that: “Everyone and everything has the right to be treated with kindness and respect.”  Students collaborate to develop full value commitments in their classroom and cabin groups to further define behavior expectations and goals during programming.  Students are also expected to follow all of their school rules while participating in TLS programming.

The campus has comfortable, heated cabins with plumbing and hot showers.  We have various classroom spaces, a world class ropes course, soccer field, basketball court, heated dining hall and an indoor climbing wall.  There are restrooms throughout the campus.  Gender-inclusive facilities and accommodations are available – please note on a school’s program details form as applicable.

Yes! Our goal is to make our programs as accommodating as possible.  The Leadership School provides three hot meals and three snacks every day to every child.  Each meal and snack is nutritious, fresh and delicious.  We have a peanut-free campus and when appropriate, our meals provide pork-free, vegetarian, gluten-free or dairy-free alternatives, among others.  Our food service staff does an exceptional job of providing dietary options.  If necessary, we can also arrange to make available food brought from home for any student with dietary needs.

Most definitely.  If your child would like to worship while here, please let us know so we can make appropriate accommodations.  There are several quiet spaces available on campus and we will arrange for one of our Educators to assist your child to one of those spaces when needed.

We often have students who are not fluent in English.  Because our classes are more hands-on than a traditional school setting, students who might struggle due to language differences in a typical classroom quickly feel comfortable here.  If a student’s understanding of the English language is severely limited, we try to provide additional support through staffing and pairing with individuals who may know some of the native language.

We have a collection of clean warm clothing, raincoats, sleeping bags, and pillows that we can loan to students.  We can also offer spare toiletries and towels, if necessary.  If you anticipate that your child will require a sleeping bag (or sheets and blanket), please let us know in advance so that we can make sure to meet their needs.

We recognize that all people have different strengths and limitations.  In all areas of our programming, we strive to set students up for success by providing them with the appropriate tools.  We select and modify activities to ensure that all members of the group can participate, regardless of specific mental or physical challenges.  If students need help meeting day-to-day needs during their stay, we work with the visiting staff to provide additional support to students.  Feel free to contact us to discuss the specific needs of your child if you are concerned about their ability to participate in programing.

The Leadership School Educators have excellent emergency medical training.  Parents are contacted promptly in the event of a medical issue.  In the event of a medical emergency and a parent or guardian is unable to be contacted, Kieve Wavus Education makes any medical decisions that must be made to assure the safety of the child.  Kieve is served by the Nobleboro Fire and Rescue and Central Lincoln County Ambulance.  Lincoln Health- Miles Campus is approximately 15 minutes away in Damariscotta. 

We consider “medication” to include any substance or supplement taken to maintain and/or improve health.  This includes vitamins and natural remedies.  Oral medication will be dispensed into individual pill envelopes that are distributed at the appropriate time, often during meals or before bedtime, by a student’s Cabin or Classroom Educator.  All medications are stored either in the infirmary or in the cabin first aid kits.  With the exception of emergency medications, participants are NOT allowed to carry and dispense their own medications.  If your child carries and administers an emergency medication, such as an inhaler or Epi Pen, we need permission from a doctor and parent on our medical forms.


Kieve Wavus Education has always been and will continue to be committed to the health, well-being, and personal growth of participants and staff in all KWE programs.  KWE acknowledges, understands, and respects the inherent risks associated with our programming, including ropes courses, climbing walls, wilderness tripping and the many activities that are a part of our KWE programs.  Risk management is a priority at KWE and we work diligently to identify, assess and manage these risks.