KWE Alumni Council

The Alumni Council promotes Kieve Wavus Education and all of its programming in a number of ways: by networking and referring KWE alumni in search of job opportunities, by supporting fundraising efforts to further KWE’s mission, and by spreading the word about KWE programs to future generations. Each of the members listed below have made themselves available to advocate for KWE and its community. Please contact us for introductions or to add your name to the list.


Robert Abbey
Kieve Camper 1996-02; KW West 2004
Kieve Council 2005, 2007-08
Sares Regis, Real Estate
Amherst College
Norden, CA

Maxwell Abbott
Kieve Camper 1997-02; KW West 2003
Kieve Council 2005-08
The Keystone, E-Commerce
Parsons School of Design, NY
Los Angeles, CA

Douglas Armstrong
Kieve Camper 1993-98
Ocean Safety and Law
Colgate University; Golden Gate University School of Law
Mill Valley, CA

Charles Cushing
Kieve Camper 1996-97, 1999-01, 2003
Galleon, Software
Tufts University
San Francisco, CA

Nicholas Cushing
Kieve Camper 1999-07
Lyft, Marketing
Trinity College
San Francisco, CA

Barclay Dorman
Wavus Alumni 1958-61
Triple Ring Technologies, Technology
Bates College
Saratoga, CA

Joseph Holliday
Kieve Camper 1995-97, 1999
Kieve Council 2002-04
Palantir, Business Development
Princeton University; Harvard Business School
Culver City, CA

Dexter Jenks
Kieve Camper 2003-07; KW West 2009
Kieve Council 2010-13
College of Charleston
Los Angeles, CA

Garret Jensen
Kieve Camper 2004-09
Kieve Council 2013-14
Silicon Valley Bank, Banking
Trinity College
San Francisco, CA

Margaret Mannix
Wavus Council 2013
BMNT Partners, International Affairs
Notre Dame University
San Francisco, CA

James Roberts
Kieve Camper 1992-97
Kieve Council 2000-04
Arete Associates, Research Scientist
Johns Hopkins University
Sherman Oaks, CA

William Stevens
Kieve Camper 2006-10
Kieve Council 2013-14
Funding Circle US, Financial Services
Middlebury College
San Francisco, CA

William Walker
Kieve Camper 1980-85
Kieve Council 1991-92
Capital Group, Finance Services
Princeton University
Altadena, CA


Zachary Atchinson
Kieve Camper 2005-07; KW West 2008
Kieve Council 2010-13
Janus Henderson, Asset Management
Colorado College
Denver, CO

Philippe Dujardin
Kieve Camper 1999-2006
Eleven Experience, Commercial Real Estate Development
University of Denver
Crested Butte, CO

Frank Goldsmith
Kieve Camper 1977-80
Kieve Council 1981
Avaap, Consulting
University of Rochester; University of Michigan Ross School of Business
Denver, CO

Benjamin Hauber
Kieve Camper 1999-05; KW West 2006
Kieve Council 2008-2011
University of Pittsburgh
Denver, CO

Melissa Haynes
Kieve Council 2008-11
Wavus Council 2008-09
Ibotta, Marketing
Gettysburg College
Denver, CO

Amanda Mathias
Girls’ Camp 2005; Wavus Camper 2006-08; KW West 2009
Wavus Council 2011-12, 2014
Mile High Youth Corps, Youth Development
Wake Forest University
Denver, CO

Jack Reis
Kieve Camper 2003-04; KW West 2006
Kieve Council 2007-12
Harbor Research, Strategy & Management Consulting
University of Denver
Denver, CO

Grace Shorr
Girls’ Science 2003; KW West 2006
Kieve Council 2008-11; Wavus Council 2008-09
Inspirato American Express, Hospitality
University of Denver
Avon, CO

Blair W. Smith
Girls’ Science 1997-00; KW West 2005-06
Girls’ Camp Council 2005; Kieve Council 2007-10; Wavus Council 2009
DaVita Medical Group, Clinical Strategy and Operations
Colby College
Denver, CO

Ben Wolven
Kieve Camper 1995-02; KW West 2003
Kieve Council 2006-07
Colt & Gray, Hospitality
Endicott College
Wheat Ridge, CO


Charles Brown
Kieve Camper 1991-93
Kieve Council 1997-98, 2001-02, 2004; KW West Council 2005
Indian Mountain School, Education
College of Charleston; University of Pennsylvania
Salisbury, CT

Harrison Buck
Kieve Camper 1968-72
Kieve Council 1973-74, 1976
Yellowstone Capital Management, Finance
Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Norwalk, CT

Jack Cantlay
Kieve Camper 2001-07
Kieve Council 2009-12
The Gunnery School, Education
Hampden Sydney College
Washington, CT

Katherine King
Kieve Council 2007-08
American Cancer Society, Fundraising
Gettysburg College
Stamford, CT

Mac King
Kieve Camper 1996-02; Kieve West 2004
Kieve Council 2005-08
Fox 5 WNYW TV, Journalist
Bates College
Stamford, CT

Spencer Mallozzi
Kieve Camper 1988-89
Kieve Council 1995-99, 2001
Oppenheimer & Co, Financial
University of Vermont
Norwalk, CT

Charlie Whinery
Kieve Camper 1985-87
Kieve Council 1993-95
Blue Bay Asset Management, Investment Management
Middlebury College
New Canaan, CT

District of Columbia

Dylan Alles
Girls’ Camp 2005; Wavus Camper 2006-08
Wavus Council 2012-13
KIPP DC, Education
Colby College, Johns Hopkins University School of Education
Washington, DC

George Brooke
Kieve Camper 2001-03, 2006
NRRIT, Private Equity
Washington & Lee University
Washington, DC

Henry Chance
Kieve Camper 1993-95
Kieve Council 1997-99, 2001, 2003
CACI International Inc, Information Technology
Bowdoin College, Penn State University
Washington, DC

Poppy Doolan
Girls’ Science Camp 2004; Girls’ Camp 2005; Wavus Camper 2006-09
Wavus Council 2012-14
US Chamber of Commerce, Government
Trinity College
Washington, DC

Gerrit Lansing
Kieve Camper 1994-97
Kieve Council 2003-04
Revv & Opn Sesame, Technology
Sewanee University of the South
Washington, DC

Marshall Murphy
Pepco Holdings, Energy
University of Maine Orono
Washington, DC


Henry Buck
Kieve Camper 1998-02
Kieve Council 2006, 2008-09
Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, Marketing
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Coral Gables, FL

Bob Linker
Kieve Council 1969-77
The Episcopal Academy, Education
St. Joseph’s University
The Villages, FL

Serre Murphy
Kieve Camper 1978-80
Merrill Lynch, Finance
Lake Forest College
Coral Gables, FL

Frank Schroeder
Kieve Camper 1954-55
First National Bank of Maryland, Banking
American University
Vero Beach, FL


Reid Bolton
Kieve Camper 1992-97
Kieve Council 1999-2001
Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott LLP, Law
Harvard University, University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Otto Georgi
Kieve Camper 1980-85
Lake Forest, IL

Will Georgi
Kieve Camper 1991-94
Kieve Council 1999-2003
Lithium Werks, Sales & Marketing
Hobart College
Lake Forest, IL

Peter LaCasse
Kieve Camper 1985-88
Kieve Council 1994-96, 1998-2002
Carnegie Learning, Education
Bates College
Lake Forest, IL

Stuart Lansing
Kieve Camper 1988-91
Westminster Capital LLC, Investor Relations
University of Denver Daniels College of Business
Lake Forest, IL

Claire Lupo
Wavus Council 2011-13
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Research
Notre Dame University
Glen Ellyn, IL

Nicholas Stevens
Kieve Camper 1999-2004
Kieve Council 2007-11
NepFin, Banking
Middlebury College
Chicago, IL

Page Syvertsen
Girls’ Science Camp 1997-98
Kieve Council 2007-08
Seattle Public Schools, Education
Gettysburg College
Chicago, IL


Jason Nahra
Kieve Council 1996-2006
Sayre School, Education
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY


Greta Brown
Wavus Alumni 2002-04; Wavus Camper 2008-10; KW West 2012
Wavus Council 2013-2017; Wavus Tripping Assistant 2018-present
Captain Albert W Stevens Elementary School, Education
University of Maine at Orono
Belfast, ME

Chris Dougherty
Kieve Camper 1980-82
Kieve Council 1986-90
44 Point Financial Partners, Financial Services
St Lawrence University
Yarmouth, ME

Lucy G. Edwards
Kieve West 2003
Kieve Council 2005-06, 2008
Grogan & Company, Sales & Marketing
Trinity College
Portland, ME

Samuel Kennedy
Kieve Camper 1995-02; Kieve West 2003
Kieve Council 2005-08, 2010; Kieve Associate Camp Director 2018-present
Kieve Wavus Education, Education
Colby College; Harvard Graduate School of Education
Portland, ME

Charles Richardson
Kieve Council 1983-86; Leadership Decisions Institute Resident Overseer 1983-84; Kieve Assistant Director 1987-1992; Kieve Co-Director 1992-2005; Leadership Decisions Institute Residential Director 1995-2005; KWE Director of Education and Operations 2011-present
Kieve Wavus Education, Education
Bates College
Nobleboro, ME

James Riddleberger
Kieve Camper 1995-02; Kieve West 2003
Kieve Council 2005-08; Kieve Assistant Director 2009-10
Martin’s Point HealthCare, Physician
Middlebury College; Tulane University of Medicine
Portland, ME

Emily Rodrigue
Wavus Alumni 2000-04; Wavus Camper 2006-10
Wavus Council 2013-15, 2017
US Forest Service, Outdoor Education
Boston College
Falmouth, ME

Frank Strasburger
Retired Episcopal Priest, Ministry
Princeton University, Johns Hopkins University, Episcopal Divinity School
Brunswick, ME


Edmund Bartlett
Yale University, Harvard Business School
Chevy Chase, MD

Sam Kaplan
Kieve Camper 1998-2001, 2003; Kieve West 2004
Kieve Council 2006-08; Kieve Tripping Assistant 2009-11; Junior Kieve Assistant Director 2011-present
St Paul’s School, Education
Bates College; Loyola University Maryland
Owings Mills, MD


Zoe Atchinson
Wavus Camper 2006-09; KW West 2010
Wavus Council 2012-14
Boston College Law School, Grad Student
Colby College
Cambridge, MA

Edward Benning
Kieve Camper 2006-09
Chartic, Consulting
Cornell University
Boston, MA

Stephen Brackett
Leadership Decisions Institute 1983-85
Shepherd Kaplan Krochuk LLC, Investments
Bates College
Sudbury, MA

John E. Burns
Kieve Camper 1969-70
KittyHawk Advisors, Finance
Elmira College
Essex, MA

Edward Cooke
Kieve Camper 2000-04
Kieve Council 2006-08, 2010
Kununu, Marketing
St Lawrence University
Somerville, MA

Molly Diggins
Monument Group, General Counsel
Holy Cross; University of Chicago
Boston, MA

Amaury Dujardin
Kieve Camper 2001-08; KW West 2009
Kieve Council 2011-13
Public Relations
Boston University
Boston, MA

Stephen Fulmer
Kieve Camper 1983-85
Kieve Council 1990-93
The Home for Little Wanderers, Fundraising
College of Wooster
Duxbury, MA

Sam Glidden
Kieve Camper 1986-89
Kieve Council 1992-97
GMC Hardwoods Inc, Lumber
St Lawrence University
Dover, MA

Emma Howard
Wavus Camper 2007-12; KW West 2013
Wavus Council 2014-15
Fragomen, Del Ray, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP, Paralegal
Colby College
Boston, MA

Jennifer Ireland
Kieve Council 2002-06
Brown Brothers Harriman, Investments
Skidmore College
Boston, MA

John Lawrence
Kieve Camper 1986-90
Kieve Council 1994-95
Beacon Capital Partners, Real Estate
Trinity College
Wellesley, MA

Megan McFarland
KW West 2006
Kieve Council 2007-08; Wavus Council 2008
MGH Institute of Health Professions, Student
Bowdoin College; University of Pennsylvania
Charlestown, MA

Emma Murphy
Girls Science 2004; Kieve Girls 2005
Wavus Council 2011-14
Wayfair, Category Manager
Colby College
Cambridge, MA

Oliver Parker
Speedpro Imaging, Owner
University of Colorado Boulder; Questrom School of Business; Boston University
Beverly, MA

Laurie Beth Richardson
Girls’ Camp 2005; KW West 2007
Wavus Council 2008-09; Kieve Council 2009-12; Kieve Waterfront Assistant Director 2014
Dynatrace, Marketing & Sales
Elon University
Boston, MA

Andrew Roberts
Kieve Camper 1992-96
Kieve Council 2001-04
GW&K, Investment Management
Bates College
Boston, MA

Elizabeth Roberts
Kieve Council 2003-06
Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School, Education
Elon University
Boston, MA

Julia Welter
Wavus Council 2011-14
Turbonomic, Office Manager
Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Boston, MA

Caitlin Wood
Wavus Camper 2007-2009
Wavus Council 2016-18
Split, Sales Development
Wesleyan University
Boston, MA


Alexandra Bartholomew
Kieve Council 2009; Wavus Council 2009
Grand Blanc Community Schools, Education
University of Michigan; Harvard Graduate School of Education
Ann Arbor, MI


William Gano
Kieve Camper 1996-02
Kieve Council 2005-07
Cargill, Business
Yale University; University of Chicago
Minneapolis, MN


Elizabeth Schmidt
Girls’ Science 2000-01; Girls’ Camp 2005
Kieve Council 2010-13; Wavus Council 2010-11
Unsettled, Non-Profit
Brown University
St Louis, MO

New Hampshire

Christina Bradley
Kieve Council 2008-09; Wavus Council 2008-09
Phillips Exeter Academy, Education
Trinity College
Exeter, NH

Colin Chapin
Kieve Camper 2001-06
Kieve Council 2009-10
Hamilton College; Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
West Lebanon, NH

Tim Shenton
Kieve Camper 1975-81
Kieve Council 1984-85
Gemline, Software
Bates College; Boston University
Nashua, NH

New Jersey

Allen Burton
Kieve Camper 1984-87
Kieve Council 1992-95, 1997
O’Melveny & Myers LLP, Legal
Georgetown University; Fordham University School of Law
Chatham, NJ

John McDevitt
Kieve Council 2002-06; Kieve Tripping Assistant 2007
The Hun School, Education
Bates College
Princeton, NJ

Kimberley McDevitt
Girls’ Camp Council 2005; Kieve Council 2005-06
Colby College
Princeton, NJ

Paul Zetterberg
Kieve Camper 2003-10
Kieve Council 2014-15
KB Financial, Financial Services
Lehigh University
Princeton, NJ

New York

Andrew Adams
Kieve Camper 1994-99
Kieve Council 2003-07
Ohio State University College of Business; Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
New York, NY

Evan Atherton
Kieve Camper 1998-99
Kieve Council 2002-04
Grey Group, Advertising
University of Cincinnati; University of Texas at Austin
Woodside, NY

Edmund Bartlett
Kieve Camper 1990-93
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Physician – Fellow in Surgical Oncology
Princeton University
New York, NY

Frederick Bower
Kieve Camper 2003, 2006-10
Kieve Council 2013-15
Chronograph, Financial Services
Colby College
Brooklyn, NY

Jesse Dougherty
Kieve Camper 1983-86
Kieve Council 1990-2000
Green Vale, Education
Kenyon College; University of Pennsylvania
Glen Head, NY

Evan Dyal
Kieve Camper 2000-07
Kieve Council 2010-12, 2014
Drexel University
New York, NY

Edward Grever
Kieve Camper 2000-07; KW West 2008
Kieve Council 2010-11
The Trade Desk, Financial Services
George Washington University
New York, NY

Sarah Kaplan
Wavus Camper 2006-11; KW West 2012
Wavus Council 2014-17; Wavus Tripping Assistant 2018
SG Partners, Finance
Washington University at St Louis
Katonah, NY

Stark Kirby
Kieve Camper 2005-11
University of Richmond
New York, NY

Connor McKenna
Kieve Camper 1996-2002
Kieve Council 2007-10
ZX Ventures, Venture Capital
Colby College
Brooklyn, NY

Grace Muller
Wavus Camper 2007-09; KW West 2010
Wavus Council 2013-14
Goldman Sachs, Analyst
Notre Dame University
New York, NY

Michael Orr
Kieve Camper 2006-08; KW West 2009
Kieve Council 2010-14
Genco Shipping & Trading, Financial Analyst
Hobart & William Smith Colleges
New York, NY

William Phifer
Kieve Camper 2001-06; KW West 2007
Kieve Council 2008-13
The Landon School, Education
Davidson College
New York, NY

Rob Tawse
Kieve Camper 1992-98
On Location Experiences, Business Entertainment
University of Pennsylvania; Columbia Business School
Brooklyn, NY

Hannah Wiegers
Kieve Council 2013-15
Kjaer Weis, Product Development
Duke University; Columbia University
Brooklyn, NY

Caroline Wilson
Wavus Camper 2007-12
Wavus Council 2014-15
Mount Sinai Health Services Dept of Neurosciences, Research
Colby College
New York, NY

North Carolina

Benedicte Crudgington
Wavus Camper 2006-08; KW West 2010
Wavus Council 2012-14
Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Physician Assistant Studies, Graduate Student
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC

Thomas Hartenstein
Kieve Camper 1987-89, 1991-92
Kieve Council 1997-2005; Kieve Assistant Director 2008-18
Riverside High School, Education
Barry University
Raleigh, NC

William “Campbell” Walker
Kieve Camper 1987-90
Kieve Council 1995-98
Lincoln Harris, Real Estate
Sewanee University of the South
Charlotte, NC


Allison Martinat
Kieve Council 2000-02
Circle 9 Resources, Oil & Energy
Denison University
Oklahoma City, OK


Tench Forbes
Kieve Camper 1970-71
Kieve Council 1972-77
Brooks Instrument, Marketing
Duke University; Boston University
North Wales, PA

Elliot W. Murphy
Kieve 2004, 2006-10; KW West 2013
Kieve Council 2015-17
Trinity College
Philadelphia, PA

Jacob Sneeden
Kieve Camper 1999-2000, 2003
Kieve Council 2008-11
Pepco Holdings, Communications
Georgetown University
Philadelphia, PA

Rhode Island

Hannah Schott
Wavus Camper 2006-12; KW West 2013
Wavus Council 2014-17
Eastern Connecticut State University, Admissions
Muhlenberg College
Pawtucket, RI

Jared Schott
Kieve Council 1987-91, Trip Director 1992-99
Moses Brown, Education
Bates College
Pawtucket, RI

Lowell Thomas
Kieve Camper 1973-74
South Shore Capital Advisors, Investments
Tufts University
Jamestown, RI

South Carolina

Adam Haselkorn
Kieve Council 2002-04, 2006
College of Charleston
Mount Pleasant, SC

Leland Perry
Wavus Camper 2006-11; KW West 2012
Wavus Council 2013-17; Junior Wavus Director 2018-19; The Leadership School Educator 2019-present
Kieve Wavus Education, Education
Furman University
Greenville, SC


Charles “CJ” Richardson
Kieve Camper 2002-10
Kieve Council 2012-16
Sewanee University of the South
Nashville, TN


Trey Zenker
Kieve Camper 2001-08;
Kieve Council 2012-16;
MVF Global, Technology
New York University
Austin, TX


Amos Wolven
Kieve Camper 1997-2004; Kieve West 2005
Kieve Council 2008-10; The Leadership School Educator 2008
The Schoolhouse Learning Center, Education
University of Maine at Orono
Burlington, VT


Frank Brown
Kieve Camper 1993-1995
Kieve Council 2001-03
Lawton Park Capital Management, Investments
University of Virginia
Richmond, VA

John Casteen
Leadership Decisions Institute 1993-94
Kieve Council 1993-94
University of Virginia, Assistant Professor
University of Virginia
Earlysville, VA

Nicholas Favaloro
Kieve Camper 2007-10
Kieve Council 2013-14
Bain & Co, Consulting
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

Andrew Palmer
Kieve Camper 1986-90
Kieve Council 1993-97
JMP Group LLC, Investor Relations
Princeton University
Richmond, VA

Margaret Tucker
Wavus Council 2011-14; Wavus Tripping Assistant 2015
Graduate Student, Education and Human Development
Kenyon College; University of Virginia School of Education
Charlottesville, VA


Hannah Lovejoy
The Leadership School Educator 2012-15; Wavus Council 2013; Wavus Tripping Assistant 2014-16; Wavus Trip Director 2018
French American School of Puget Sound, Education
St Lawrence University
Seattle, WA


Max Blatt
Kieve Camper 1987-91
Kieve Council 1995-99
Scania Group
Copenhagen Business School
Stockholm, Sweden