Kieve Wavus Education employs people who instinctively care for others.

Most staff were campers at Kieve while they were growing up and others have earned the trust of those loyal to this magical place. At KWE, job descriptions are short, days are long, and staff are committed to treating everyone and everything with kindness and respect.

Our staff are strong, independent, kind and caring role models whose campers we hope will one day have the opportunity to pass those traits along to their own campers.

Henry R. Kennedy

Executive Director

Charlie Richardson

Director of Education and Operations

Sam Kennedy

Camp Kieve for Boys

Kate Phenix

Executive Assistant

Tom Hartenstein

Assistant Director

Reid Anderson

Wilderness Trip Director

Sam Kaplan

Junior Kieve Director

Jess Anderson

KWE Health Care Manager

Ryan Ford

Tripping Assistant

Dave Munger

Tripping Assistant

Garrett Phillips

Tripping Assistant

Brian Sperry

Tripping Assistant

Angela Franke

Infirmary Assistant

Evan Kantor


Cam Miller

Challenge Course Manager

Ted Watson

Environmental Educator

Quent Abramo

Braxton Antill

Marty Arnold

Lauren Begley

Alex Bensley

Brooks Biddle

Will Bliss

Sarah Burgin

Justin Callahan

Taylor Cashman

George Cole

Andy Conner

Pete Cooke

Ellis Cooper

Jeff Coote

Blake Cote

Sam Czaja

Charlie Demuth

Will Demuth

Ben Dixon

Wes Dixon

Parker Dotson

Liam Duggan

Austin Fairchild

Eddie Fischer

Katelyn Fluke

Walt Geraghty

Nicolas Giandrea

Charlie Gomprecht

Griffin Hall

Charlie Hansen

Lindsey Harrison

Bo Hawkes

Bruce Haywood

John Hollington

Mike Hornung

George Janvier

Will Janvier

Will Kaback

Connor Kaniewski

Phil Kaplan

Patrick Kavanagh

Matthew Kellett

Graham Kelley

Lexi Kemp

Jack Kenyon

Isabelle Kitchel

Peter Knowlton

Thomas Krush

Lars Larson

Forrest Lazzara

Henry Ledyard

Billy Leyden

Tom Linkas

Teddy Macfarlane

George Maguire

Drew Marshall

Niall McDonald

Hayden McKee

Eric Mehrberg

Nick Menice

Mac Muller

Graham Nielsen

Zephyr Pascador

Luca Perper

Matteo Perper

Michael Pilkington

Aiden Redmond

Colin Redmond

Jack Roberts

Andrew Robinson

Abby Rockefeller

Christian Rodrigue

Carter Sednoui

Eleanor Smith

Nick Speranza

Cam Stafford

Parker Swensrud

Mason Swindell

Conner Thomas

Miles Thompson

Michael Tirone

Teddy Truex

Gill Walker

Duncan Walsh

Ella White

Gus Williams

Nina Wilson

Keelan Woodard

Aaron Zhao

Hayes Zierden


Kieve Wavus Education always loves meeting caring, energetic and motivated people who strive to empower others by promoting values of kindness and respect.  KWE is committed to the health, well-being, and personal growth not only of our participants but also of our staff.  KWE is an equal opportunity employer.  If you are interested in becoming a part of this amazing team, please be in touch!

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