Kieve Camper Life in the Early ’50’s

Fond Memories of KIEVE – Bob Bishop Kieve ’49-’52, Kieve Staff ’59-‘78 (photos from his staff years in the ’60’s)


We did not discuss courage, perseverance, and loyalty even during the campfires of song and well-told story, not even during the serenity of chapel. But we learned these values – soaked them up – during our young Kieve summers that we wished would never end. The impact of beauty among verdant hills and beneath azure skies throughout Maine, the challenge to take such risks as the island swim under the watchful and caring eyes  of men who seemed larger than life, the perspiration that lead to inspiration on far flung trips – all this helped us to grow up.


The ghosts of Pasquaney, Innisfree, and the flagpole remember –

  • Unparalleled leadership: Aunt Harriet and Uncle Don, Jim, Stokey, Don and Barbara, Dick and Nancy, Henry and BJ.

  • The continuing ritual of the council torch being passed such as: Bill McCook, Mike Westcott, Morrie Heckscher, Dick Koelle, and me to Fordy Stevens, Sandy Buck, Walter Morris, Tench Forbes, Shippen Bright, and Harper Sibley.

  • Campers in my 1959 Bunker Hill like: Jack Lanahan whose grandfather Scott Fitzgerald was the subject of my college senior thesis; John van Roden who was a trustee at my school and whose children I taught; Denny Emory who became the high seas skipper/navigator for my college roommate; Tom Ross who turned the tables on me in tennis before he was in college.

  • Savory food – fish and chips on Friday, flipped blueberry pancakes on Sunday, corn, clams and lobster on outings to Pemaquid Beach, final trip feasts on Harbor Island.

  • Canoe tilting and war canoe races at watersports.

  • Baseball/softball teams named for the Maine native American nations.

  • The often startling cry of the loons echoing among the coves of Lake Damariscotta.

  • Intense military style bunkhouse Sunday inspection to compete for an extra scoop of Round Top ice cream.

  • The precamp regeneration of the tennis courts from high weeds to hard clay.




Bob Bishop – Kieve ’49-’52, Kieve Staff ’59-‘78 (photos from his staff years in the ’60’s)